About NJRoster

What is it

NJRoster is a site for Netjets Europe crew members to share their rosters with each other completely free. You can view the site on your computer, tablet, smartphone and blackberry. It was built and is maintained by Sach Warah, an FO on the Challenger.

How does it work

  1. Forward your roster to roster@njroster.com from your company account to upload it.
  2. In about 30 minutes you will be emailed with a username and password.
  3. Login to see your roster.
  4. Every time you are sent a roster just forward it to roster@njroster.com to upload it.



All rosters are displayed clearly on the same page. You can see who is working today. See who has the same days off as you. See who is starting their tour on the same day as you.


Create public, private or hidden groups and use the group forum for discussions. If you are trying to plan an event you can invite all attendees to the group and then compare rosters to see which days are best.

Netjets Only

To log in you need to upload a roster. This means that only people with rosters can access the site. If you haven’t uploaded a roster in the last 3 months you will not be able to log in.

Calendar sync

Automatically sync your roster with your iCal, Outlook or Google calendars.